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5 Tips to Keep that Homely Feeling Around when Works Keeps you on the Move


Being an entrepreneur or a career driven person may mean that you have to relocate; that too not once but many times over. While that may be a great move career-wise, the home sickness and the feeling of disconnect can get overwhelming at times. You may not always be in a position to defer a move but there are things that will keep you from feeling like a nomad with no roots. EasyRentals2U empathises with you and suggests 5 tips that will keep you in touch with home base even when you are far off.

  • Carry along a bit of home: Everyone has a few things they relate with home. It could be a comforter you have had since adolescence, a pair of binoculars your dad bought you as a gift for your good result, a dish that always manages to put you in a good mood or something else just like that. While you cannot carry your home with you, a few knick knacks like quilts, binoculars and other souvenirs can easily be carried and put in a place where they remind you and spread a pleasant vibe in your new place. If it is a food stuff you can carry (many dishes now come in instant heat and eat packs, which many not be the real deal but can come close when you are really craving their comfort), great; otherwise you can master a simple dish before leaving and cook it for special occasions. It may help you win new friends as well.
  • Seek and create a network of friends:Staying to yourself will definitely not help the situation and you will, in fact, feel lonelier. One of the best ways to feel at home in a new place is to live the way you would at home. And one of the first things back home is friends (apart from family). So, go out, meet new people, take off the blinkers and see the world from a fresh perspective. You would be surprised how different a place can feel once you have friends around.
  • Create a warm, inviting place to call home: If you don’t add personal touches to your pad, apartment, loft or studio, it will continue to feel alien to you. Your take may be that when you are not sure how long you are going to be there, why make the effort. The thing to consider here is that while spending a fortune on furniture and other objects you may not be able to lug to your next posting is indeed inadvisable, spending time looking for furniture that appeals to you and renting it certainly creates a vibe that you will enjoy coming back to. If it is a sofa in front of the TV or a dresser that makes you happy, don’t let a big price tag deter you and rent them out for the duration that you are going to be staying there. This is also a great way to keep the look of your place current and happening.
  • Stay in touch: After a while, calling up old friends may slip down the list of priorities or may start to feel like a chore. But the thing is that if you let friendships go, or take them for granted, you may not feel like you belong when you return home. At least once a day, call up someone in the family (a Skype or video call is even better) and once a week try to connect with old friends. Encourage them to visit you, and visit them when you are in town.
  • Keep your passion and hobbies alive: If you enjoyed gardening or reading or listening to music or going out for a match back home, don’t stop doing so in the new place. If you don’t have a garden, volunteer to help in the garden of your apartment complex. Join a library. Stream new music by subscribing to any of the good music apps such as Apple Music. Hang out at a match with new friends. This not just kee your hobbies alive, but also helps you meet new people and know more about a new place.
  • A move is not always a bad idea, and just changing your attitude and approach can make a world of a difference.
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