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4 Ways to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great Even You are Away

What is the one thing that people look forward to most when the holiday season approach; being with family! After the merriment, it is hard to come back to an empty home and furniture covered in mildew or infested by pests makes it even worse. It doesn’t take a lot to ensure the wellbeing of furniture even when you are not there. ER2U shares with you a few simple things to do before you leave your home -

1. Clean the obvious mess on the furniture -  Leaving a half eaten slice of pizza on the table or sofa is a sure way of inviting rodents and other pests. Your domestic help didn’t turn up to clean up on the last day but coming back to an even bigger mess is not a great idea. The smell of food gone bad is awful and best avoided. Not to mention the infestation it could attract. Dog hair can be easily removed with a lint roller, dust off food crumbs, wipe off surface stains, scrub off grime and in general, just spend a few minutes buffing the surface. This will surely save you a lot more work later.

2. Cover it with a bed sheet - Dusting isn’t the first thing on your mind when you come back after a holiday. And it needn’t be. Before you leave, take five minutes to spread out bedsheets over most of your furniture. Once you come back, all you have to do is take them off and you have furniture ready to use. Dust settled on your furniture is easier to avoid than it is to clean. ER2U offers Godrej Interio furniture that is very good quality and doesn’t spoil easily, but taking care of it helps it last even longer.

3. Place away from sunlight- If any furniture falls in the path of direct or sharp sunlight, try to place it in a shaded place. If you cannot move it, place something to dull the light, may be a thick cloth hung up to block the light. Cover tables with table cloth and beds with bed spreads. This minimises damage. Keeping it away from sunlight also saves furniture from drastic changes in temperature which could again cause harm.

4. Dry completely before locking up- Moisture can be your biggest enemy when it comes to furniture. Wipe dry any water on the surface and let the furniture air before you lock it up in the house. This inhibits the growth of mildew. Even a drop of water allowed to linger can cause dark spots and discolouration. Place pouches of silica gel around to absorb excess moisture while you are away.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you will be able to keep your furniture in pristine condition even when you are away. Happy holidays and remember to prep for a warm welcome back!

Entrepreneurs & Expenses - 5 Ways ER2U keeps it Pocket Friendly

Gurugram is the city of entrepreneurial dreams and a lot of people from far flung areas make it their chosen business address. The city reciprocates with ample opportunities and in turn draws even more entrepreneurs. With an ever increasing number of people flocking to town, Gurugram attracts those who offer solution to these entrepreneurs to make their work lives simpler. ER2U is poised to impacting their lives positively with their furniture solutions that are easy on the pocket.

1.Rent, don’t investment: When an entrepreneur takes the step of moving into an office space, the the most prohibitive expenses  are those of space and furnishing. While it is relatively simple to rent space to run their business, getting appropriate furniture is another deal altogether. ER2U brings to these people the option of renting out furniture that is not just pocket friendly but also the very best quality available.

2.Excellent variety for every purpose:  Godrej Interio is a name to reckon with when it comes to furniture. Stylish, durable, international quality and available in a variety of utilitarian designs, they bring class to any environment they are put in. For offices, they have work stations, chairs, loungers, stools, tables and much more to choose from. So, whether you have a traditional hierarchical office set up and require clearly demarcated spaces, or you have a Flexi-social setting, Godrej Interio has just the perfect furniture to offer.

3.Flexible solutions for easy rentals: With their easy renting options, ER2U makes for the right furniture solution for every office space. Get as much as you want, when you want, as frequently as you want, within your budget, the finest quality there is and change it when your requirements change. With such ease, it is easy to understand why nothing beats Godrej Interio’s rental options. All you have to do is to select the pieces you like and make online payment.

4.Save installation cost: The selected items will be delivered and installed at the selected location. You don’t have to hire help to lug it up the stairs or fit the pieces in. You just sit back and enjoy once the furniture has been put in place.

5.Durable, comfortable and utilitarian: If it is easy on the pocket, it doesn’t mean it is any less than what you would get if you purchase best quality furniture. On offer is modular furniture that is practical for interactive and open spaces,  It is sleek, attractive and comfortable making it great for contemporary offices. You can choose sofas with imported upholstery and chrome finish that can endure upto 1000 hours of salty environment. Even chic mobile, modular and stackable solutions are available for spaces. You can bring in flexibility in use and placement with utilitarian sofas, pouffes, pods, benches, chairs, stools, lamps, screens, planters, shelves and more in vibrant colours. For those who are looking for ergonomically apt solutions, Godrej Interio has a wonderful range made just for this.

 Choose according to your requirement and take the hassle out of establishing a full fledged work space without worrying about investing outside your core enterprise.

Home is Where the Heart Is - 3 ways ER2U helps youth belong

There was a time when home was where your family was or where you would live after you came back from work. It was a comfort zone, a sanctuary where you would unwind and just be yourself. It wasn’t just the place where you lived but it extended to a sense of community where your neighbours were like extended family. But that changed over the years as more and more people moved further away from homes in search of better job prospects. This has diluted the family structure and also made ‘Home’ a very vague term. Is home the place where you spend the most time when you come back from work, or is it the place that you return to, maybe less and less frequently, where your parents or family live.

ER2U understands this conundrum of the youth who is stuck between a rental home and a home where he grew up and where his family still lives. It tries its best to make this move from their childhood home to their new space as happy as possible —

1.The intangible tangibles: ER2U offers solutions that make living away from home a much better and pleasant experience than it would be otherwise. When you visit your home, it is the pickle that your mom packs for you, the name plate that your dad gets made for you and the laddoos that your granny slips into your suitcase despite your protests that make that place where you grew up so special. It is otherwise a brick and mortar structure like any other. If you could, you would travel with your bed, table, wardrobe and more for the sheer memories that they hold. ER2U offers furniture that doesn’t feel makeshift and creates a family vibe. The quality of Godrej’s Interio furniture is incomparable and that is what makes it feel just like home.

2.Warmth of a Personal Space: For students, entrepreneurs and corporate job holders alike, being away from home may facilitate education and work but they have to come back to a sparsely furnished room that feels nothing like home. And even when you wish to socialise with friends and colleagues, inviting them may be as much of an embarrassment as it would be a logistical problem without the apt furniture. Getting furniture, even second hand, to furnish an apartment or room is a big investment and at a stage in life when they are just trying to make it, youth are in a fix as to what to do. ER2U comes to the rescue with variety in furniture to suit all requirements and that too in a pocket friendly budget. 

3.Flexibility, just like Home: At home, if you want to borrow your mom’s favourite chair, you just do that. It is the same at Er2U. It offers finest quality rental furniture that the youth can choose according to their requirement, pay in instalments for it every month and change the furniture as and when they like. It brings to them the ease of living the lifestyle they aspire to without investing in it. They can rent the lifestyle they want, live it to the fullest and still have enough cash on hand for other expenses.

It is this flexibility the reasonable pricing, the excellent quality and the contemporary furniture that makes ER2U so popular among the youth.

E-Commerce Changes The Way Offices Buy - Rent Furniture Online At ER2U

With the start of e-commerce a lot of alternatives to physical stores have popped up online. And they have simplified shopping in a way that people prefer it over going store to store for most things. From clothes to accessories to groceries, there isn’t anything that you can’t shop for online. To add to this pleasure of online shopping, ER2U has launched a rental service for furniture online. Here, you don’t even have to bother about spending a fortune online, as you are going to rent the furniture for a modest amount, and change it as and when you like. 

 With a website, ER2U has empowered even the smallest of startups with minimal manpower to be able to furnish their work places. A start up or any small business has constraints. ER2U has been a blessing for them as it understands that for an entrepreneur it is difficult to spare time for details like furniture that could take hours and days just finalising, not considering the fact that if you want it custom made, it could be months before you get it. ER2U has best quality Godrej Interio furniture that is not just durable but trendy and stylish as well. Even in terms of pricing, such fine quality furniture would be a perfect fit in any office but most businesses could be put off by the inhibitive pricing. To keep it pocket friendly and convenient, the option of renting furniture is a welcome respite. This allows you to do up your office with excellent furniture even in a very tight budget.

As and when a business adds employees or needs more work area, they can simply log on to the website, choose same or fresh style of furniture and order it to be delivered and installed. All you have to do is select the furniture or package, click and order. The furniture is delivered right to the location and installed by a specialised team. With such ease of selection, ordering, installation and exchange, e-commerce is getting a high following when it comes to renting furniture as well.

 This is a great option when you start working out of a small space and gradually grow and move offices accordingly. So whether you start in a garage with two tables and two chairs to shifting to a two floor office with cubicles for specialised jobs, ER2U has you covered. You can rent tables, chairs, cupboards, reception area furniture and sofas all at one place, and from the comfort of wherever you are sitting. This makes it the perfect solution for businesses looking for flexibility and ease. ER2U is a furniture rental service catering to the Tricity area of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali that has made a huge difference with its service.

Festival Makeovers for Your Home - “ Change the way you change” with ER2U !

Festivals are a time of joy and bonding. Families get together and decorate their homes to welcome guests and the Gods and Goddesses themselves. There is an air of positivity and happiness all around. Often, people save money over the months, so as to use these funds to renovate their homes ( interiors and exteriors). These are the much awaited times which everyone in the family looks forward to. All this while, the whole point is to bring in some change in the house by way of purchases, be it an outright lump sum payment or an EMI centric payment. ER2U, a rental solution company, offers a new element towards renovating the interiors of your house. It offers complete flexibility in empowering you to do up your home the way you want to at a fraction of the cost. 

This festival season, choose to do things differently. Change the way you change. While your home will look as resplendent as you want it to, your pocket won’t feel the pinch. Here are some ways ER2U helps you create the spaces you dream of –


Redo your Bedroom: Have you been contemplating updating your bed but have held back fearing the sky high prices ? With ER2U’s Godrej Interio furniture, you can get the bed you have always wanted within your budget, without compromising on quality. You can even add bedside tables, dressing tables and more to your private space while you are at it. Or simply choose one of the many bedroom packages from the website.


Add style to your Drawing Room: Stylish sofas, sassy side tables, impressive center tables and much more, there is ample for you to choose to do up your dream formal area. Add a rug for a quick update and an all new look. Trendy, clean lines and high quality furniture lend your drawing room an elegance nothing can match. So, whether you are looking to entertain many or just a handful, you can pick your furniture accordingly. The flexibility in renting enables you to change it as and when you want and create a new look anytime.


Amp out the Storage: With a lot of clutter, it is difficult to feel festive. Stow away the extra bit in proper storage units. Stylish and stately, cupboards from ER2U are the perfect solution to your storage woes that maximize space while enhancing the look as well. You can choose the finish and size according to what works best for you. Match them to coordinate with your bedroom or living room furniture for best effect.

Liven up your Living Room: Routine is boring and the space where you spend the most time, the living space, becomes dull after a while. To refresh it for the festive season, all you need to do is change the furnishings, move around the moveable lighting and add a few accent pieces, and you are done. With rental furniture, that you can simply exchange the old for fresh, there isn’t any reason not to change the setting for every celebration. 


Change the way you change. Live your life. Do away with buying things and give practical shape to your aspirations of furnishing your homes with stylish furniture at a fraction of the cost. Live well….Live smart…. Change…. Enjoy the comfort of Godrej Interio furniture. Repeat the cycle. 

5 Things to Add to Your Bedroom for Peaceful Sleep - ER2U shows you how

Research has shown that in unfamiliar surroundings, the reason you can’t fall asleep easily could be that a part of the left hemisphere of the brain keeps awake while the rest of it is in deep sleep ( Be it an apartment in a new city, a rental space away from home pursuing a career opportunity or a hostel quad, there is no reason to give up on sleep. There are ways to make yourself at home as quickly as possible, not just to ensure a good night’s sleep but also for your emotional wellbeing. Easy Rentals is a comprehensive furniture rental solution that puts your welfare foremost. 

Easing your living, making transitioning to a new city as smooth as possible and keeping the furnishing expenses well within the budget makes ER2U tick. Having helped you set up your dream space gives us joy and we truly believe that a good night’s sleep should be a given. For those struggling to get their dose of zzzzs, here are 5 tips that will have you in dreamland in no time.

  1. Create a Cosy Space - A stark look may not be the best idea for a bedroom, especially if you are living alone and away from home. Create a vibe that implies warmth with ample cushions and spreads. A fuzzy carpet, a bean bag and big pillows go a long way in making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Even for tropical climates, a cotton rug works as well as a carpet does. 

  2. Keep Distractions at Bay - A clock that ticks through the night can be one of the biggest sleep killers. A pile of office files on the sofa isn’t conducive to sleep either. Get rid of these and if you must get office work home, designate a table outside the bedroom for it. If there are neon signs outside that bother you despite the curtains being drawn, or music that keeps blaring into the wee hours of the morning, consider getting a good quality eye mask or ear plugs. An app that emits white noise could also help you drown out other noises. 

  3. Choose Colours Wisely - A bright room may look great during the day but as night falls, it keeps you active which is contrary to the mood you want to create for good sleep. Choose soft, soothing colours that lull you to sleep. A dimmer switch for your bedside lamp may also prove to be quite useful. Create the right atmosphere with the right colours and lighting. 

  4. Choose the Right Furniture - A bed that is too high or too low as compared to what you are used to sleeping on could keep you awake. If you are in a habit of watching TV before going to sleep, have a comfortable couch, or have the TV installed facing the bed. If you love to read before sleeping, get a good reclining chair to read in. Having the right furniture around can make you feel instantly at ease and at home. 

  5. Pay attention to the Linen and Soft Furnishings - The best bed cannot put you to sleep if your mattress isn’t up to the mark. Get one that fits your profile - from soft, firm and hard to memory foam, there is ample to choose from. Get bedsheets in soft cotton fabric and choose your duvets to serve you well for the weather. 

By keeping these tips by ER2U in mind, peaceful sleep is just a wink away. 

Freedom to Rent - ER2U shows the way!

A new age calls for a new way of life as the digital age has brought about unprecedented changes in the way we live. What was held dear a few decades back, is now passé. Instead of accumulating assets the new generation focuses on amassing experiences. This shift in ideology has been subtle yet sure. Gone are the days when someone would look forward to employment to be able to buy a house and all the trapping that come with it. Now, all they want is a good life with no baggage to weigh them down. So, renting has become the new buying. 

We all cherish our freedom more than anything else. As we celebrate India’s 72nd Independence Day, to be free to be able to make choices for our lives gets an all new meaning. For the generation that wants a great life but doesn’t want to tie up their capital in lifestyle things, ER2U brings world class furniture from Godrej Interio that can be rented for personal or office use. The best furniture rental service in tricity, it offers a wide range of furniture suitable for various home, apartment and office uses. 

ER2U brings this freedom to be able to rent all that you need to do up the home or office of your dreams at a fraction of the price. That too without any compromise on quality. Choose to enjoy the excellent designing and finish of Godrej Interio products that have been tried and tested over the years. They are renowned for their global styling and high standards of quality and durability. By choosing to rent such furniture, you don’t end up with a cheap looking interior space, but a luxuriously appointed area without having to burn a hole in your pocket. 

There are many flexible plans and offers for houses, apartments, offices and other spaces that would be perfect for one, two, three or more bedroom unit or a variable number of employees in case of an office. In case you don’t find the right fit, you can make your own package according to the number of pieces you want to rent and for the time duration that you want to rent. Within your rent period you can even change the look of your space by changing the furniture. 

A dependable and efficient service, it is easy to access though its online website. All you have to do is to select a pre-designed package or make your own. Add furniture pieces you like to the cart, select your payment and EMI mode and you are done. The furniture is delivered to your address and help is offered in setting it up. So work around the pieces you already have and add some more or move into an empty space and order everything online. Such ease makes it easy for entrepreneurs to channelise capital towards their business and for families and others to make good lifestyle an easy choice. 

From Ownership to Consumption - Generational Shift in Spending Patterns

Generation after generation, spending habits change to accommodate changing lifestyles. The Millennials are very different from the previous generation in their spends. While their parents were investors in big assets like houses and cars, changing times have meant these spends have become less relevant. The advent of ride sharing apps like Uber is making buying cars less of a necessity but an irrelevant luxury. Excellent rental houses and apartments have made investing in homes seem ancient.  So it is with other aspects of living, like furniture which is made easy with availability of furniture on rent.

The  Bureau of Labor Statistics, US, has furnished data regarding the spending patterns of Millennials.  They come across as less spendthrift than the older generation. They don’t really consider the big spend purchases sought after by the earlier generations as important. Their spending is geared more towards every day expenses that make their life feel more alive. Experiences, such as dining out, come before owning things. According to the data, they spend most on eating out, have the least vehicles, rent more and spend the least on apparel.

With Millennial more open to the idea of being on the move to pursue a career, they happily end up in rented accommodation furnished with low price furniture on rent. By choosing to outfit their pad with affordable furniture on rent, they have more surplus income to splurge on their daily routine of dining, connecting and entertaining. Away from their families, they invest in relationships with friends who become their extended family. With a circle of friends who they move around with, entertaining them is also big on their list of priorities. Which means even in a rented accommodation, they need proper furniture.   With the availability of best quality furniture on rent in metros and even smaller cities, this problem is easily sorted.

EasyRentals2U is one such solution that provides excellent furniture rental services in the Tricity. So whether you wish to get furniture on rent in Panchkula, avail a top furniture rental service in Chandigarh or get in touch with the best price furniture rental services in Mohali, you are never far from the solution - ER2U that offers Godrej Interio furniture on rent. The best quality furniture from Godrej Interio makes your life easy and is easy on the pocket too. With more in your pocket, such rentals open up a world of opportunities for you.

For entrepreneurs, this is especially beneficial as this allows more capital to be diverted to their nascent business. Even students who are away from home love to have a comfortable standard of living that is in tune withy their lifestyle back home. By using services like ER2U’s Godrej Interio furniture that is the best furniture rental services in Tricity, they can live comfortably while not spending a fortune.

To accommodate the changing spending preferences of the youth, EasyRentals2U allows them flexibility with frugality that they much desire.


Make Your Holiday Home a Sanctuary & Escape, with Easy Rentals

Need a break; there is nothing like a home away from home. While you would want it to feel warm and welcoming, you also want it have a holiday vibe to it. Whether it is a few hours away, or a quick flight away, you need to have a plan as to how to furnish it to create an ambience that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Style it right to enjoy your stay there. Whether it is a space you have rented or bought, dressing it up in your personal style lets you turn it into a home. You don’t have to spend a fortune with easy furniture renting options available at Easy Rentals 2U. Here are a few tips that will let you turn it into a sanctuary you will love to visit again and again:

Be inspired by the surroundings - Look around for local material, crafts and styling to be inspired. If your holiday home is in a different region altogether, you might like to include local elements into the facade and the interior. Renting from a local furniture store makes it easier. Easy Rentals 2U brings Godrej Interio’s durable and classy furniture options for you to choose from.

Follow a plan - Don’t just start placing furniture and other accents here and there. Start with a complete look in mind and work backwards from there. This way every piece you add with go towards making the decor a cohesive whole. Have a plan for each room and work towards achieving it.

Climate Appropriate - Even if you love rugs or a certain kind of decor, you have to keep in mind the location and climate of the place where your holiday home is located. Adding a fireplace to a place that is hot around the year probably isn’t the best idea. In a tropical area, choose furniture that is lighter while a cold place demands a cosier look. Instead of buying furniture or shifting some from your place, both of which are expensive propositions, try good quality rental furniture.

Focus on Entertainment - It is your home away from home and a place where you go looking to lighten your everyday burdens. It helps to have entertainment, whatever you prefer and what you probably don’t have time to indulge in at home. Gaming consoles, a library, a room dedicated to the artist in you, or any thing else that gets you going.

Bring in Relaxation - Turn it into a place where you can leave all your worries at the door and just relax. If it means having less connectivity with the outside world, don’t get a wifi. While you still may be connected by your phone’s data plan, the temptation to be connected across devices will be less; unless you are a Netflix junkie and want to catch up on the shows in peace.

Make it Functional - In the end it is a home and you would want the basics to be in place. While you dress it up any which way, make sure the functional aspects are well tuned otherwise you would be frustrated just getting the place in order every time you visit.

With a wonderful holiday home that is furnished tastefully with durable and stylish furniture from the likes of Godrej Interio by Easy Rentals 2U, you’ve got yourself a winner. Spend less, save more and turn every visit into a beautiful, dreamy trip.



10 Tips To Set Up An Office
  1. Choose an area that is centrally located and commercially viable for business. It is important to understand that when you set up an office you must be accessible rather than being remotely disconnected from your potential clientele. 
  2. Now if it is the first time that you are venturing into business and are on a modest budget, then it is important that you start small. Hire a reasonably-sized office and gradually expand your business depending on your annual growth and demand of your services/product in the market. Do not make the mistake of opening your purse-strings by spending lavishly on a huge office with high rentals, extravagant furnishings, large staff and prematurely end up winding up your operations. 
  3. If you are liasoning with a broker, then you could ask him to look out for a nice furnished office. This will not only help you in saving your precious bucks and time in doing up the place from scratch but would also help you begin work pronto!
  4. If you are particular about the science of Vastu-Shastra in your life, then it is important that you select a place which is Vastu Shastra compliant and resonates with the design and layout of your office. Perhaps even before you could shell out bucks on renting out an office, consult an architect or an expert to guide you in this regard.
  5. While designing the layout of your office, it is important to have a board room besides cubicles planned out for employees. A board room adds dynamism to an office and is the best place to talk business, make presentations and deliver keynotes to a larger audience at one go.
  6. The next step is furnishing your workplace which is the most creative aspect of setting up an office. However the same process can become one tiresome exercise indeed if you had to go through the rigmarole of inviting tenders,vendors or doing the market recce yourself when it comes to finding the right furniture's for your office. At Easyrentals2U you have the option to customize your office furniture's based on your requirements and budget by renting furniture's instead of buying it. And should a scenario arise that if for some reason you have to relocate your office, EasyRentals2U helps you make a seamless transition at no extra cost. 
  7. Depending on the size of your office, it is important to have a welcoming and well-lit reception or lobby where guests are entertained before they are led to the the respective cabin or boardroom. A nice coffee table with latest magazines, comfy sofa, good fragrance and divine instrumentals playing at the backdrop make for a good ambiance. After all that's the first impression a client or visitor gets when they first enter your office.
  8. Wall graffiti or framed wall hangings add a pop of color to your office space and makes it visually more appealing.
  9. Indoor plants add a splash of green and enlivens up your office. The importance of plants in a workplace should never be undermined; plants help to improve productivity, make you creative, increases engagement with work etc. Plants like Pothos, Nephthytis, Anthuriums, Palms, Ferns etc reveal an all new persona and dimension to your work place.
  10. And if you still have extra space in your office left then a cool pantry corner with limited seating space would be a good idea where employees can bond together during break-time over snacks and tea thereby improving the work atmosphere and better work productivity. 
  11. Here are 10 tips on setting up an office...hope you liked reading this article? Do share your inputs with us in the comments section below.