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4 Ways to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great Even You are Away

What is the one thing that people look forward to most when the holiday season approach; being with family! After the merriment, it is hard to come back to an empty home and furniture covered in mildew or infested by pests makes it even worse. It doesn’t take a lot to ensure the wellbeing of furniture even when you are not there. ER2U shares with you a few simple things to do before you leave your home -

1. Clean the obvious mess on the furniture -  Leaving a half eaten slice of pizza on the table or sofa is a sure way of inviting rodents and other pests. Your domestic help didn’t turn up to clean up on the last day but coming back to an even bigger mess is not a great idea. The smell of food gone bad is awful and best avoided. Not to mention the infestation it could attract. Dog hair can be easily removed with a lint roller, dust off food crumbs, wipe off surface stains, scrub off grime and in general, just spend a few minutes buffing the surface. This will surely save you a lot more work later.

2. Cover it with a bed sheet - Dusting isn’t the first thing on your mind when you come back after a holiday. And it needn’t be. Before you leave, take five minutes to spread out bedsheets over most of your furniture. Once you come back, all you have to do is take them off and you have furniture ready to use. Dust settled on your furniture is easier to avoid than it is to clean. ER2U offers Godrej Interio furniture that is very good quality and doesn’t spoil easily, but taking care of it helps it last even longer.

3. Place away from sunlight- If any furniture falls in the path of direct or sharp sunlight, try to place it in a shaded place. If you cannot move it, place something to dull the light, may be a thick cloth hung up to block the light. Cover tables with table cloth and beds with bed spreads. This minimises damage. Keeping it away from sunlight also saves furniture from drastic changes in temperature which could again cause harm.

4. Dry completely before locking up- Moisture can be your biggest enemy when it comes to furniture. Wipe dry any water on the surface and let the furniture air before you lock it up in the house. This inhibits the growth of mildew. Even a drop of water allowed to linger can cause dark spots and discolouration. Place pouches of silica gel around to absorb excess moisture while you are away.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you will be able to keep your furniture in pristine condition even when you are away. Happy holidays and remember to prep for a warm welcome back!

From Ownership to Consumption - Generational Shift in Spending Patterns

Generation after generation, spending habits change to accommodate changing lifestyles. The Millennials are very different from the previous generation in their spends. While their parents were investors in big assets like houses and cars, changing times have meant these spends have become less relevant. The advent of ride sharing apps like Uber is making buying cars less of a necessity but an irrelevant luxury. Excellent rental houses and apartments have made investing in homes seem ancient.  So it is with other aspects of living, like furniture which is made easy with availability of furniture on rent.

The  Bureau of Labor Statistics, US, has furnished data regarding the spending patterns of Millennials.  They come across as less spendthrift than the older generation. They don’t really consider the big spend purchases sought after by the earlier generations as important. Their spending is geared more towards every day expenses that make their life feel more alive. Experiences, such as dining out, come before owning things. According to the data, they spend most on eating out, have the least vehicles, rent more and spend the least on apparel.

With Millennial more open to the idea of being on the move to pursue a career, they happily end up in rented accommodation furnished with low price furniture on rent. By choosing to outfit their pad with affordable furniture on rent, they have more surplus income to splurge on their daily routine of dining, connecting and entertaining. Away from their families, they invest in relationships with friends who become their extended family. With a circle of friends who they move around with, entertaining them is also big on their list of priorities. Which means even in a rented accommodation, they need proper furniture.   With the availability of best quality furniture on rent in metros and even smaller cities, this problem is easily sorted.

EasyRentals2U is one such solution that provides excellent furniture rental services in the Tricity. So whether you wish to get furniture on rent in Panchkula, avail a top furniture rental service in Chandigarh or get in touch with the best price furniture rental services in Mohali, you are never far from the solution - ER2U that offers Godrej Interio furniture on rent. The best quality furniture from Godrej Interio makes your life easy and is easy on the pocket too. With more in your pocket, such rentals open up a world of opportunities for you.

For entrepreneurs, this is especially beneficial as this allows more capital to be diverted to their nascent business. Even students who are away from home love to have a comfortable standard of living that is in tune withy their lifestyle back home. By using services like ER2U’s Godrej Interio furniture that is the best furniture rental services in Tricity, they can live comfortably while not spending a fortune.

To accommodate the changing spending preferences of the youth, EasyRentals2U allows them flexibility with frugality that they much desire.


Leaving your Home Town for Education? 6 Tips to Make the Move Pleasant


Education is one of the most important pursuits in life. It is on this that the future of a person rests. Hence, everyone puts in most efforts to get the best possible education. This calls for investment of money, and may be, even a move to a new city. This is especially common for students who are giving competitive exams and seek the best institutes across the country to be able to get exceptional results and thereby, wonderful placements. A lot of students brace themselves for such moves but a lot many find it tough to adjust in the new environment.

EasyRentals2U feels for all such students and offers tips that will ease some of their worries -

  1. Think through boarding arrangements; Hostel, PG or Rented Accommodation -

    What level of freedom are you looking for; if you are happy with strict timings then nothing beats the proximity of a hostel. If you like a bit more flexibility, a PG can be a good with the choice of having lesser people per room. If you cherish your privacy above all else, a rented accommodation can be the perfect choice. You can even share it with a friend to reduce expenses. These choices are also governed by your budget as a rented accommodation can be quite expensive, especially in big cities. By making this most important choice right, you will be at peace for the duration of your course.

  2. First things first; what does the package include and exclude-

    Once you have made up your mind regarding your boarding arrangements, you need to be clear about what is and isn’t included in the fee. From water and electricity bills to food, power backup, guests and eviction notice deadlines, everything needs to be discussed and clarified to avoid any surprises at a later date. Who wants the embarrassment of getting a few friends to your room and being shown the door as they are not allowed in. Be sure to read the fine print or face big problems later.

  3. Lifestyle Choices- When education is the motive, there aren’t many things you need other than your books, a table and chair, and a bed to get you through. But having been raised in different environments, each student is different and everyone’s definition of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ is different. While one may ‘want’ a special type of chair, for another it may be a ‘need’ they just can’t do without. Where possible, you can get a few basics like the linen and accents from home, but it makes no sense to lug furniture across cities. Especially when EasyRentals2U offers all kinds of high quality furniture you can rent for the time duration you want and change it when you want. Don’t let the lack of a chair, a sofa, a cabinet, or a small budget, come between you and comfort.
  4. Figure out a Monthly Budget & Stick to it -

    You have had to give up the comfort of home to pursue education, your parents have funded your dream and now you find yourself cash-strapped ever so often. Constantly asking parents for more money doesn’t feel right even when they don’t mind. To break this cycle, draw up a plan for your expenses. In consultation with your parents, write down the fixed expenses, add the miscellaneous ones and the figure out an allowance amount that you can spend as you wish. If you are an adult, you might want to draw this plan for your own reference. Now, stick to it. Not only is it less stressful to know how much to spend where but it also keeps you from situations where you have to go a few days on an empty pocket.

  5. Home Specials -

    Carry with you Mathris, Theplas, Khakras, Panjiri and more for when hunger pangs and home sickness get too overwhelming. A bit of home around you will always be a comforting presence. Be it in the form of a lovingly knitted muffler that you drape to keep the cold at bay, a picture of your family or a video that you play when you miss the bitter-sweet fights with your siblings, a memory is a good way to feel connected. Keeping in touch is also important and it keeps you updated about whatever is happening back home.

  6. Making new friends-

    From the very first day, staying sane will depend a lot on who you have around. So pick your friends wisely and don’t be afraid to socialise. Even if you are neck deep in preparation for a competitive exam, you will need a break and someone to chat up. Having someone to call a friend can go a long way in helping you settle down in the new place. Everyone else is also in the same boat as you and equally eager to be nice and make friends, so it shouldn’t be so difficult.

    EasyRentals2U wishes you a fruitful academic journey that’s comfortable and relaxed as well!

5 Tips to Keep that Homely Feeling Around when Works Keeps you on the Move


Being an entrepreneur or a career driven person may mean that you have to relocate; that too not once but many times over. While that may be a great move career-wise, the home sickness and the feeling of disconnect can get overwhelming at times. You may not always be in a position to defer a move but there are things that will keep you from feeling like a nomad with no roots. EasyRentals2U empathises with you and suggests 5 tips that will keep you in touch with home base even when you are far off.

  • Carry along a bit of home: Everyone has a few things they relate with home. It could be a comforter you have had since adolescence, a pair of binoculars your dad bought you as a gift for your good result, a dish that always manages to put you in a good mood or something else just like that. While you cannot carry your home with you, a few knick knacks like quilts, binoculars and other souvenirs can easily be carried and put in a place where they remind you and spread a pleasant vibe in your new place. If it is a food stuff you can carry (many dishes now come in instant heat and eat packs, which many not be the real deal but can come close when you are really craving their comfort), great; otherwise you can master a simple dish before leaving and cook it for special occasions. It may help you win new friends as well.
  • Seek and create a network of friends:Staying to yourself will definitely not help the situation and you will, in fact, feel lonelier. One of the best ways to feel at home in a new place is to live the way you would at home. And one of the first things back home is friends (apart from family). So, go out, meet new people, take off the blinkers and see the world from a fresh perspective. You would be surprised how different a place can feel once you have friends around.
  • Create a warm, inviting place to call home: If you don’t add personal touches to your pad, apartment, loft or studio, it will continue to feel alien to you. Your take may be that when you are not sure how long you are going to be there, why make the effort. The thing to consider here is that while spending a fortune on furniture and other objects you may not be able to lug to your next posting is indeed inadvisable, spending time looking for furniture that appeals to you and renting it certainly creates a vibe that you will enjoy coming back to. If it is a sofa in front of the TV or a dresser that makes you happy, don’t let a big price tag deter you and rent them out for the duration that you are going to be staying there. This is also a great way to keep the look of your place current and happening.
  • Stay in touch: After a while, calling up old friends may slip down the list of priorities or may start to feel like a chore. But the thing is that if you let friendships go, or take them for granted, you may not feel like you belong when you return home. At least once a day, call up someone in the family (a Skype or video call is even better) and once a week try to connect with old friends. Encourage them to visit you, and visit them when you are in town.
  • Keep your passion and hobbies alive: If you enjoyed gardening or reading or listening to music or going out for a match back home, don’t stop doing so in the new place. If you don’t have a garden, volunteer to help in the garden of your apartment complex. Join a library. Stream new music by subscribing to any of the good music apps such as Apple Music. Hang out at a match with new friends. This not just kee your hobbies alive, but also helps you meet new people and know more about a new place.
  • A move is not always a bad idea, and just changing your attitude and approach can make a world of a difference.
Embrace the Good Life with EasyRentals2U


Shift the focus on living and creating the best life for yourself, rather than hoarding things. If you can rent something, why buy? This approach gives you more flexibility & unlimited choice, not to mention more capital to invest elsewhere!

EasyRentals2U works on the premise of making lives simpler for students, professionals whose jobs keep them shifting cities, entrepreneurs who are looking for office solutions and more by offering them furnishings for the lifestyle they choose to live at prices that are pocket friendly. Trust and reliability are integral components of this affordable proposition as all furniture is from Godrej. Godrej is an established brand with more than 100 years of experience in creating the best and classiest furniture.

Serving both B2C and B2B, customers and businesses get unmatched quality assurance at their doorstep with unbelievably affordable rental packages. The one mantra here is on trend, on time & on price. If you are a student looking to make your 1 Bedroom feel like home, an IT professional wanting to dress up his pad while knowing he is not going to be there in the city for more than a year, a start-up entrepreneur who wants to appoint his office or a PG wanting to create a homely semblance without spending a fortune, rentals are the best solution. With our wide range of options, you can choose your perfect fit.

Students who are in a room that may not have adequate furniture, say a study table and bed, would still avoid investing in furniture and make do with what they have. But with our rental options, making your life comfortable is not an investment but a smart, budgeted move. Professional who have been transferred to a new city and know that they cannot sprout roots just yet, are better off with rented furniture as they don’t have to transport or sell all their furniture every time they are transferred, saving them much money, time and energy. In this age, offices are also a big investment and any new enterprise has a limited budget. If a big chunk of the capital goes toward furniture, lesser is available for actual work. By renting furniture, capital is freed and can be used more effectively. Similarly, PG owners can also make the most of the space they are offering with the least expense and appropriate furniture. Even companies offering shared working spaces can offer rented furniture as and when required.

To make the rental experience smoother and quicker, you can select preset packages for 1, 2 & 3 BHK among other options. You can add more furniture, delete some items or select individual pieces without any package. You decide the time period for your rental, and get it delivered to your desired space. You don’t have to bother with a thing as we will ensure all furniture is installed in its right place. You can have it repaired and relocated; all through the dedicated app. If this isn’t convenience at your fingertips, what is!