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Blog posts of '2018' 'October'

Festival Makeovers for Your Home - “ Change the way you change” with ER2U !

Festivals are a time of joy and bonding. Families get together and decorate their homes to welcome guests and the Gods and Goddesses themselves. There is an air of positivity and happiness all around. Often, people save money over the months, so as to use these funds to renovate their homes ( interiors and exteriors). These are the much awaited times which everyone in the family looks forward to. All this while, the whole point is to bring in some change in the house by way of purchases, be it an outright lump sum payment or an EMI centric payment. ER2U, a rental solution company, offers a new element towards renovating the interiors of your house. It offers complete flexibility in empowering you to do up your home the way you want to at a fraction of the cost. 

This festival season, choose to do things differently. Change the way you change. While your home will look as resplendent as you want it to, your pocket won’t feel the pinch. Here are some ways ER2U helps you create the spaces you dream of –


Redo your Bedroom: Have you been contemplating updating your bed but have held back fearing the sky high prices ? With ER2U’s Godrej Interio furniture, you can get the bed you have always wanted within your budget, without compromising on quality. You can even add bedside tables, dressing tables and more to your private space while you are at it. Or simply choose one of the many bedroom packages from the website.


Add style to your Drawing Room: Stylish sofas, sassy side tables, impressive center tables and much more, there is ample for you to choose to do up your dream formal area. Add a rug for a quick update and an all new look. Trendy, clean lines and high quality furniture lend your drawing room an elegance nothing can match. So, whether you are looking to entertain many or just a handful, you can pick your furniture accordingly. The flexibility in renting enables you to change it as and when you want and create a new look anytime.


Amp out the Storage: With a lot of clutter, it is difficult to feel festive. Stow away the extra bit in proper storage units. Stylish and stately, cupboards from ER2U are the perfect solution to your storage woes that maximize space while enhancing the look as well. You can choose the finish and size according to what works best for you. Match them to coordinate with your bedroom or living room furniture for best effect.

Liven up your Living Room: Routine is boring and the space where you spend the most time, the living space, becomes dull after a while. To refresh it for the festive season, all you need to do is change the furnishings, move around the moveable lighting and add a few accent pieces, and you are done. With rental furniture, that you can simply exchange the old for fresh, there isn’t any reason not to change the setting for every celebration. 


Change the way you change. Live your life. Do away with buying things and give practical shape to your aspirations of furnishing your homes with stylish furniture at a fraction of the cost. Live well….Live smart…. Change…. Enjoy the comfort of Godrej Interio furniture. Repeat the cycle.