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Entrepreneurs & Expenses - 5 Ways ER2U keeps it Pocket Friendly

Gurugram is the city of entrepreneurial dreams and a lot of people from far flung areas make it their chosen business address. The city reciprocates with ample opportunities and in turn draws even more entrepreneurs. With an ever increasing number of people flocking to town, Gurugram attracts those who offer solution to these entrepreneurs to make their work lives simpler. ER2U is poised to impacting their lives positively with their furniture solutions that are easy on the pocket.

1.Rent, don’t investment: When an entrepreneur takes the step of moving into an office space, the the most prohibitive expenses  are those of space and furnishing. While it is relatively simple to rent space to run their business, getting appropriate furniture is another deal altogether. ER2U brings to these people the option of renting out furniture that is not just pocket friendly but also the very best quality available.

2.Excellent variety for every purpose:  Godrej Interio is a name to reckon with when it comes to furniture. Stylish, durable, international quality and available in a variety of utilitarian designs, they bring class to any environment they are put in. For offices, they have work stations, chairs, loungers, stools, tables and much more to choose from. So, whether you have a traditional hierarchical office set up and require clearly demarcated spaces, or you have a Flexi-social setting, Godrej Interio has just the perfect furniture to offer.

3.Flexible solutions for easy rentals: With their easy renting options, ER2U makes for the right furniture solution for every office space. Get as much as you want, when you want, as frequently as you want, within your budget, the finest quality there is and change it when your requirements change. With such ease, it is easy to understand why nothing beats Godrej Interio’s rental options. All you have to do is to select the pieces you like and make online payment.

4.Save installation cost: The selected items will be delivered and installed at the selected location. You don’t have to hire help to lug it up the stairs or fit the pieces in. You just sit back and enjoy once the furniture has been put in place.

5.Durable, comfortable and utilitarian: If it is easy on the pocket, it doesn’t mean it is any less than what you would get if you purchase best quality furniture. On offer is modular furniture that is practical for interactive and open spaces,  It is sleek, attractive and comfortable making it great for contemporary offices. You can choose sofas with imported upholstery and chrome finish that can endure upto 1000 hours of salty environment. Even chic mobile, modular and stackable solutions are available for spaces. You can bring in flexibility in use and placement with utilitarian sofas, pouffes, pods, benches, chairs, stools, lamps, screens, planters, shelves and more in vibrant colours. For those who are looking for ergonomically apt solutions, Godrej Interio has a wonderful range made just for this.

 Choose according to your requirement and take the hassle out of establishing a full fledged work space without worrying about investing outside your core enterprise.

Home is Where the Heart Is - 3 ways ER2U helps youth belong

There was a time when home was where your family was or where you would live after you came back from work. It was a comfort zone, a sanctuary where you would unwind and just be yourself. It wasn’t just the place where you lived but it extended to a sense of community where your neighbours were like extended family. But that changed over the years as more and more people moved further away from homes in search of better job prospects. This has diluted the family structure and also made ‘Home’ a very vague term. Is home the place where you spend the most time when you come back from work, or is it the place that you return to, maybe less and less frequently, where your parents or family live.

ER2U understands this conundrum of the youth who is stuck between a rental home and a home where he grew up and where his family still lives. It tries its best to make this move from their childhood home to their new space as happy as possible —

1.The intangible tangibles: ER2U offers solutions that make living away from home a much better and pleasant experience than it would be otherwise. When you visit your home, it is the pickle that your mom packs for you, the name plate that your dad gets made for you and the laddoos that your granny slips into your suitcase despite your protests that make that place where you grew up so special. It is otherwise a brick and mortar structure like any other. If you could, you would travel with your bed, table, wardrobe and more for the sheer memories that they hold. ER2U offers furniture that doesn’t feel makeshift and creates a family vibe. The quality of Godrej’s Interio furniture is incomparable and that is what makes it feel just like home.

2.Warmth of a Personal Space: For students, entrepreneurs and corporate job holders alike, being away from home may facilitate education and work but they have to come back to a sparsely furnished room that feels nothing like home. And even when you wish to socialise with friends and colleagues, inviting them may be as much of an embarrassment as it would be a logistical problem without the apt furniture. Getting furniture, even second hand, to furnish an apartment or room is a big investment and at a stage in life when they are just trying to make it, youth are in a fix as to what to do. ER2U comes to the rescue with variety in furniture to suit all requirements and that too in a pocket friendly budget. 

3.Flexibility, just like Home: At home, if you want to borrow your mom’s favourite chair, you just do that. It is the same at Er2U. It offers finest quality rental furniture that the youth can choose according to their requirement, pay in instalments for it every month and change the furniture as and when they like. It brings to them the ease of living the lifestyle they aspire to without investing in it. They can rent the lifestyle they want, live it to the fullest and still have enough cash on hand for other expenses.

It is this flexibility the reasonable pricing, the excellent quality and the contemporary furniture that makes ER2U so popular among the youth.