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4 Ways to Keep Your Furniture Looking Great Even You are Away

What is the one thing that people look forward to most when the holiday season approach; being with family! After the merriment, it is hard to come back to an empty home and furniture covered in mildew or infested by pests makes it even worse. It doesn’t take a lot to ensure the wellbeing of furniture even when you are not there. ER2U shares with you a few simple things to do before you leave your home -

1. Clean the obvious mess on the furniture -  Leaving a half eaten slice of pizza on the table or sofa is a sure way of inviting rodents and other pests. Your domestic help didn’t turn up to clean up on the last day but coming back to an even bigger mess is not a great idea. The smell of food gone bad is awful and best avoided. Not to mention the infestation it could attract. Dog hair can be easily removed with a lint roller, dust off food crumbs, wipe off surface stains, scrub off grime and in general, just spend a few minutes buffing the surface. This will surely save you a lot more work later.

2. Cover it with a bed sheet - Dusting isn’t the first thing on your mind when you come back after a holiday. And it needn’t be. Before you leave, take five minutes to spread out bedsheets over most of your furniture. Once you come back, all you have to do is take them off and you have furniture ready to use. Dust settled on your furniture is easier to avoid than it is to clean. ER2U offers Godrej Interio furniture that is very good quality and doesn’t spoil easily, but taking care of it helps it last even longer.

3. Place away from sunlight- If any furniture falls in the path of direct or sharp sunlight, try to place it in a shaded place. If you cannot move it, place something to dull the light, may be a thick cloth hung up to block the light. Cover tables with table cloth and beds with bed spreads. This minimises damage. Keeping it away from sunlight also saves furniture from drastic changes in temperature which could again cause harm.

4. Dry completely before locking up- Moisture can be your biggest enemy when it comes to furniture. Wipe dry any water on the surface and let the furniture air before you lock it up in the house. This inhibits the growth of mildew. Even a drop of water allowed to linger can cause dark spots and discolouration. Place pouches of silica gel around to absorb excess moisture while you are away.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you will be able to keep your furniture in pristine condition even when you are away. Happy holidays and remember to prep for a warm welcome back!