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10 Tips To Set Up An Office
  1. Choose an area that is centrally located and commercially viable for business. It is important to understand that when you set up an office you must be accessible rather than being remotely disconnected from your potential clientele. 
  2. Now if it is the first time that you are venturing into business and are on a modest budget, then it is important that you start small. Hire a reasonably-sized office and gradually expand your business depending on your annual growth and demand of your services/product in the market. Do not make the mistake of opening your purse-strings by spending lavishly on a huge office with high rentals, extravagant furnishings, large staff and prematurely end up winding up your operations. 
  3. If you are liasoning with a broker, then you could ask him to look out for a nice furnished office. This will not only help you in saving your precious bucks and time in doing up the place from scratch but would also help you begin work pronto!
  4. If you are particular about the science of Vastu-Shastra in your life, then it is important that you select a place which is Vastu Shastra compliant and resonates with the design and layout of your office. Perhaps even before you could shell out bucks on renting out an office, consult an architect or an expert to guide you in this regard.
  5. While designing the layout of your office, it is important to have a board room besides cubicles planned out for employees. A board room adds dynamism to an office and is the best place to talk business, make presentations and deliver keynotes to a larger audience at one go.
  6. The next step is furnishing your workplace which is the most creative aspect of setting up an office. However the same process can become one tiresome exercise indeed if you had to go through the rigmarole of inviting tenders,vendors or doing the market recce yourself when it comes to finding the right furniture's for your office. At Easyrentals2U you have the option to customize your office furniture's based on your requirements and budget by renting furniture's instead of buying it. And should a scenario arise that if for some reason you have to relocate your office, EasyRentals2U helps you make a seamless transition at no extra cost. 
  7. Depending on the size of your office, it is important to have a welcoming and well-lit reception or lobby where guests are entertained before they are led to the the respective cabin or boardroom. A nice coffee table with latest magazines, comfy sofa, good fragrance and divine instrumentals playing at the backdrop make for a good ambiance. After all that's the first impression a client or visitor gets when they first enter your office.
  8. Wall graffiti or framed wall hangings add a pop of color to your office space and makes it visually more appealing.
  9. Indoor plants add a splash of green and enlivens up your office. The importance of plants in a workplace should never be undermined; plants help to improve productivity, make you creative, increases engagement with work etc. Plants like Pothos, Nephthytis, Anthuriums, Palms, Ferns etc reveal an all new persona and dimension to your work place.
  10. And if you still have extra space in your office left then a cool pantry corner with limited seating space would be a good idea where employees can bond together during break-time over snacks and tea thereby improving the work atmosphere and better work productivity. 
  11. Here are 10 tips on setting up an office...hope you liked reading this article? Do share your inputs with us in the comments section below.