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Blog posts of '2018' 'July'

From Ownership to Consumption - Generational Shift in Spending Patterns

Generation after generation, spending habits change to accommodate changing lifestyles. The Millennials are very different from the previous generation in their spends. While their parents were investors in big assets like houses and cars, changing times have meant these spends have become less relevant. The advent of ride sharing apps like Uber is making buying cars less of a necessity but an irrelevant luxury. Excellent rental houses and apartments have made investing in homes seem ancient.  So it is with other aspects of living, like furniture which is made easy with availability of furniture on rent.

The  Bureau of Labor Statistics, US, has furnished data regarding the spending patterns of Millennials.  They come across as less spendthrift than the older generation. They don’t really consider the big spend purchases sought after by the earlier generations as important. Their spending is geared more towards every day expenses that make their life feel more alive. Experiences, such as dining out, come before owning things. According to the data, they spend most on eating out, have the least vehicles, rent more and spend the least on apparel.

With Millennial more open to the idea of being on the move to pursue a career, they happily end up in rented accommodation furnished with low price furniture on rent. By choosing to outfit their pad with affordable furniture on rent, they have more surplus income to splurge on their daily routine of dining, connecting and entertaining. Away from their families, they invest in relationships with friends who become their extended family. With a circle of friends who they move around with, entertaining them is also big on their list of priorities. Which means even in a rented accommodation, they need proper furniture.   With the availability of best quality furniture on rent in metros and even smaller cities, this problem is easily sorted.

EasyRentals2U is one such solution that provides excellent furniture rental services in the Tricity. So whether you wish to get furniture on rent in Panchkula, avail a top furniture rental service in Chandigarh or get in touch with the best price furniture rental services in Mohali, you are never far from the solution - ER2U that offers Godrej Interio furniture on rent. The best quality furniture from Godrej Interio makes your life easy and is easy on the pocket too. With more in your pocket, such rentals open up a world of opportunities for you.

For entrepreneurs, this is especially beneficial as this allows more capital to be diverted to their nascent business. Even students who are away from home love to have a comfortable standard of living that is in tune withy their lifestyle back home. By using services like ER2U’s Godrej Interio furniture that is the best furniture rental services in Tricity, they can live comfortably while not spending a fortune.

To accommodate the changing spending preferences of the youth, EasyRentals2U allows them flexibility with frugality that they much desire.


Make Your Holiday Home a Sanctuary & Escape, with Easy Rentals

Need a break; there is nothing like a home away from home. While you would want it to feel warm and welcoming, you also want it have a holiday vibe to it. Whether it is a few hours away, or a quick flight away, you need to have a plan as to how to furnish it to create an ambience that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Style it right to enjoy your stay there. Whether it is a space you have rented or bought, dressing it up in your personal style lets you turn it into a home. You don’t have to spend a fortune with easy furniture renting options available at Easy Rentals 2U. Here are a few tips that will let you turn it into a sanctuary you will love to visit again and again:

Be inspired by the surroundings - Look around for local material, crafts and styling to be inspired. If your holiday home is in a different region altogether, you might like to include local elements into the facade and the interior. Renting from a local furniture store makes it easier. Easy Rentals 2U brings Godrej Interio’s durable and classy furniture options for you to choose from.

Follow a plan - Don’t just start placing furniture and other accents here and there. Start with a complete look in mind and work backwards from there. This way every piece you add with go towards making the decor a cohesive whole. Have a plan for each room and work towards achieving it.

Climate Appropriate - Even if you love rugs or a certain kind of decor, you have to keep in mind the location and climate of the place where your holiday home is located. Adding a fireplace to a place that is hot around the year probably isn’t the best idea. In a tropical area, choose furniture that is lighter while a cold place demands a cosier look. Instead of buying furniture or shifting some from your place, both of which are expensive propositions, try good quality rental furniture.

Focus on Entertainment - It is your home away from home and a place where you go looking to lighten your everyday burdens. It helps to have entertainment, whatever you prefer and what you probably don’t have time to indulge in at home. Gaming consoles, a library, a room dedicated to the artist in you, or any thing else that gets you going.

Bring in Relaxation - Turn it into a place where you can leave all your worries at the door and just relax. If it means having less connectivity with the outside world, don’t get a wifi. While you still may be connected by your phone’s data plan, the temptation to be connected across devices will be less; unless you are a Netflix junkie and want to catch up on the shows in peace.

Make it Functional - In the end it is a home and you would want the basics to be in place. While you dress it up any which way, make sure the functional aspects are well tuned otherwise you would be frustrated just getting the place in order every time you visit.

With a wonderful holiday home that is furnished tastefully with durable and stylish furniture from the likes of Godrej Interio by Easy Rentals 2U, you’ve got yourself a winner. Spend less, save more and turn every visit into a beautiful, dreamy trip.