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5 Things to Add to Your Bedroom for Peaceful Sleep - ER2U shows you how

Research has shown that in unfamiliar surroundings, the reason you can’t fall asleep easily could be that a part of the left hemisphere of the brain keeps awake while the rest of it is in deep sleep ( Be it an apartment in a new city, a rental space away from home pursuing a career opportunity or a hostel quad, there is no reason to give up on sleep. There are ways to make yourself at home as quickly as possible, not just to ensure a good night’s sleep but also for your emotional wellbeing. Easy Rentals is a comprehensive furniture rental solution that puts your welfare foremost. 

Easing your living, making transitioning to a new city as smooth as possible and keeping the furnishing expenses well within the budget makes ER2U tick. Having helped you set up your dream space gives us joy and we truly believe that a good night’s sleep should be a given. For those struggling to get their dose of zzzzs, here are 5 tips that will have you in dreamland in no time.

  1. Create a Cosy Space - A stark look may not be the best idea for a bedroom, especially if you are living alone and away from home. Create a vibe that implies warmth with ample cushions and spreads. A fuzzy carpet, a bean bag and big pillows go a long way in making you feel comfortable and relaxed. Even for tropical climates, a cotton rug works as well as a carpet does. 

  2. Keep Distractions at Bay - A clock that ticks through the night can be one of the biggest sleep killers. A pile of office files on the sofa isn’t conducive to sleep either. Get rid of these and if you must get office work home, designate a table outside the bedroom for it. If there are neon signs outside that bother you despite the curtains being drawn, or music that keeps blaring into the wee hours of the morning, consider getting a good quality eye mask or ear plugs. An app that emits white noise could also help you drown out other noises. 

  3. Choose Colours Wisely - A bright room may look great during the day but as night falls, it keeps you active which is contrary to the mood you want to create for good sleep. Choose soft, soothing colours that lull you to sleep. A dimmer switch for your bedside lamp may also prove to be quite useful. Create the right atmosphere with the right colours and lighting. 

  4. Choose the Right Furniture - A bed that is too high or too low as compared to what you are used to sleeping on could keep you awake. If you are in a habit of watching TV before going to sleep, have a comfortable couch, or have the TV installed facing the bed. If you love to read before sleeping, get a good reclining chair to read in. Having the right furniture around can make you feel instantly at ease and at home. 

  5. Pay attention to the Linen and Soft Furnishings - The best bed cannot put you to sleep if your mattress isn’t up to the mark. Get one that fits your profile - from soft, firm and hard to memory foam, there is ample to choose from. Get bedsheets in soft cotton fabric and choose your duvets to serve you well for the weather. 

By keeping these tips by ER2U in mind, peaceful sleep is just a wink away.