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Embrace the Good Life with EasyRentals2U


Shift the focus on living and creating the best life for yourself, rather than hoarding things. If you can rent something, why buy? This approach gives you more flexibility & unlimited choice, not to mention more capital to invest elsewhere!

EasyRentals2U works on the premise of making lives simpler for students, professionals whose jobs keep them shifting cities, entrepreneurs who are looking for office solutions and more by offering them furnishings for the lifestyle they choose to live at prices that are pocket friendly. Trust and reliability are integral components of this affordable proposition as all furniture is from Godrej. Godrej is an established brand with more than 100 years of experience in creating the best and classiest furniture.

Serving both B2C and B2B, customers and businesses get unmatched quality assurance at their doorstep with unbelievably affordable rental packages. The one mantra here is on trend, on time & on price. If you are a student looking to make your 1 Bedroom feel like home, an IT professional wanting to dress up his pad while knowing he is not going to be there in the city for more than a year, a start-up entrepreneur who wants to appoint his office or a PG wanting to create a homely semblance without spending a fortune, rentals are the best solution. With our wide range of options, you can choose your perfect fit.

Students who are in a room that may not have adequate furniture, say a study table and bed, would still avoid investing in furniture and make do with what they have. But with our rental options, making your life comfortable is not an investment but a smart, budgeted move. Professional who have been transferred to a new city and know that they cannot sprout roots just yet, are better off with rented furniture as they don’t have to transport or sell all their furniture every time they are transferred, saving them much money, time and energy. In this age, offices are also a big investment and any new enterprise has a limited budget. If a big chunk of the capital goes toward furniture, lesser is available for actual work. By renting furniture, capital is freed and can be used more effectively. Similarly, PG owners can also make the most of the space they are offering with the least expense and appropriate furniture. Even companies offering shared working spaces can offer rented furniture as and when required.

To make the rental experience smoother and quicker, you can select preset packages for 1, 2 & 3 BHK among other options. You can add more furniture, delete some items or select individual pieces without any package. You decide the time period for your rental, and get it delivered to your desired space. You don’t have to bother with a thing as we will ensure all furniture is installed in its right place. You can have it repaired and relocated; all through the dedicated app. If this isn’t convenience at your fingertips, what is!


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