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Leaving your Home Town for Education? 6 Tips to Make the Move Pleasant


Education is one of the most important pursuits in life. It is on this that the future of a person rests. Hence, everyone puts in most efforts to get the best possible education. This calls for investment of money, and may be, even a move to a new city. This is especially common for students who are giving competitive exams and seek the best institutes across the country to be able to get exceptional results and thereby, wonderful placements. A lot of students brace themselves for such moves but a lot many find it tough to adjust in the new environment.

EasyRentals2U feels for all such students and offers tips that will ease some of their worries -

  1. Think through boarding arrangements; Hostel, PG or Rented Accommodation -

    What level of freedom are you looking for; if you are happy with strict timings then nothing beats the proximity of a hostel. If you like a bit more flexibility, a PG can be a good with the choice of having lesser people per room. If you cherish your privacy above all else, a rented accommodation can be the perfect choice. You can even share it with a friend to reduce expenses. These choices are also governed by your budget as a rented accommodation can be quite expensive, especially in big cities. By making this most important choice right, you will be at peace for the duration of your course.

  2. First things first; what does the package include and exclude-

    Once you have made up your mind regarding your boarding arrangements, you need to be clear about what is and isn’t included in the fee. From water and electricity bills to food, power backup, guests and eviction notice deadlines, everything needs to be discussed and clarified to avoid any surprises at a later date. Who wants the embarrassment of getting a few friends to your room and being shown the door as they are not allowed in. Be sure to read the fine print or face big problems later.

  3. Lifestyle Choices- When education is the motive, there aren’t many things you need other than your books, a table and chair, and a bed to get you through. But having been raised in different environments, each student is different and everyone’s definition of ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ is different. While one may ‘want’ a special type of chair, for another it may be a ‘need’ they just can’t do without. Where possible, you can get a few basics like the linen and accents from home, but it makes no sense to lug furniture across cities. Especially when EasyRentals2U offers all kinds of high quality furniture you can rent for the time duration you want and change it when you want. Don’t let the lack of a chair, a sofa, a cabinet, or a small budget, come between you and comfort.
  4. Figure out a Monthly Budget & Stick to it -

    You have had to give up the comfort of home to pursue education, your parents have funded your dream and now you find yourself cash-strapped ever so often. Constantly asking parents for more money doesn’t feel right even when they don’t mind. To break this cycle, draw up a plan for your expenses. In consultation with your parents, write down the fixed expenses, add the miscellaneous ones and the figure out an allowance amount that you can spend as you wish. If you are an adult, you might want to draw this plan for your own reference. Now, stick to it. Not only is it less stressful to know how much to spend where but it also keeps you from situations where you have to go a few days on an empty pocket.

  5. Home Specials -

    Carry with you Mathris, Theplas, Khakras, Panjiri and more for when hunger pangs and home sickness get too overwhelming. A bit of home around you will always be a comforting presence. Be it in the form of a lovingly knitted muffler that you drape to keep the cold at bay, a picture of your family or a video that you play when you miss the bitter-sweet fights with your siblings, a memory is a good way to feel connected. Keeping in touch is also important and it keeps you updated about whatever is happening back home.

  6. Making new friends-

    From the very first day, staying sane will depend a lot on who you have around. So pick your friends wisely and don’t be afraid to socialise. Even if you are neck deep in preparation for a competitive exam, you will need a break and someone to chat up. Having someone to call a friend can go a long way in helping you settle down in the new place. Everyone else is also in the same boat as you and equally eager to be nice and make friends, so it shouldn’t be so difficult.

    EasyRentals2U wishes you a fruitful academic journey that’s comfortable and relaxed as well!

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