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Winds of Change

Changing Trends : “ Winds of Change”

 In today’s fast changing times, a new age professional has a different perspective towards life. The priorities have changed. One is more inclined towards enjoying life with minimal cash outflow. From asset creation, the priorities have shifted to Travel, Music and Entertainment with the approach is that of a consumerist attitude. The mind-set is changing to “Live today…keep pace with the changing trends and peer pressure”

In today’s world, where the speed of change is unimaginable and where there is a constant change in terms of designs and options available, there is emergence of a new concept….”Rental Economy…Shared Economy…Access Economy”

Instead of outright purchase of items, customers are now opting out for renting out the very items which they intended to purchase. The list is endless and ranges from Furniture, vehicles, bikes, clothes, hand bags, Refrigerators, Television, Washing Machines, Air Purifiers. There is a new item being added to the list every day.